Portrait of a serial killer

Sometimes people ask me what God’s Plan is for their lives, as though there was an individualised, personalised plan just for them. I don’t think the Bible teaches this. Not at all*. Rather, there is a divine master plan and He calls us to walk in step with Him. All that said, our part in his plan may depend on a supernatural word for us to see it. Or it may have a lot to do with our personality. What I mean is, the job God has for us may very closely fit in with our character, cracks and all. … Continue reading Portrait of a serial killer

What keeps you going?

It looks like it’s gonna take a bit more to keep the old boy going from now on. 85 pills a week to be exact. Pills to stop my blood sticking together, pills to keep down cholesterol, pills to slow my heart down, pills to stop my joints getting inflamed, pills to counteract my allergies to pollen and animal hair. All this plus my constant injections every three minutes, round the clock, to keep the sugar level in my blood in balance. It’s a bit crazy really.  On top of this, the doctors have zapped my eyes with lasers so … Continue reading What keeps you going?

Busy doing nothing

What does it teach me to be doing nothing? Since I’ve been laid aside it’s caused me to really think through what life is about. I’m going slightly insane sat at home, inactive.  Our society has embedded the ideas of the Protestant Work Ethic so completely in the culture. Our value as human beings is shown in what we do. Think that’s not quite right? Well let’s look at the words we use for those who are not active in producing stuff. Dis-abled. Invalid.  We in the church preach that God values us as we are, not for what we … Continue reading Busy doing nothing