Holy Hospital Week: Darkness

The hospital at night is a quiet place. Gone are the doctors making decisions and sending folk off for tests. The ward managers are not writing letters and making calls. All the heart patients are resting.  Many guys go to sleep early. Some folk are agitating to turn the lights off at 9pm. Thankfully the last drugs round isn’t til 10 so for us night owls we are not forced to go to bed in the middle of the evening. Personally, I usually turn the lights off around midnight and really struggle if I try to sleep before 11pm.  The … Continue reading  Holy Hospital Week: Darkness

How does one rest?

It’s a question that’s been plaguing me. And my nearest and dearest too. If I’ve had one person telling me to rest, there must have been a hundred. And I’m not exaggerating. Literally 100! I’m afraid I’m a bit of a workaholic. Maybe it’s because I’ve got the best job in the world. More probably it’s just me. A driven Type A personality that always wants to be achieving something, creating and running with new ideas.  I love to think and plan. So I’ve usually come up half a dozen ideas before breakfast. Most of them I wouldn’t have the … Continue reading How does one rest?