Mums love Prosecco?

I’ve just seen this advert for Mothering Sunday, or Mother’s Day as it seems to be becoming, in homage to our American cousins. Anyway, this advert was letting us all know that the perfect gift for mum on the big day is no longer flowers or chocolates, but a nice bottle of Prosecco. Apparently it’s what all the moms want these days: to get drunk and pass out on Sunday afternoon. The idea of ladies who like a tipple is not new. The prophet Amos saw it in the town of Bashan. He wasn’t too complimentary about these ladies who … Continue reading Mums love Prosecco?

Mothers Mash-Up Mayhem

It’s like motherhood and apple pie. Right? Today is a day to celebrate the perfect mother. Your mum who was always there for you, come rain or shine. Mum, who loved you when the rest of the world said you’re unloveable. Mum, who cooked perfect meals seven days a week, clothed you with impeccable taste, and always looked amazing when dad walked in the door. Mum, who worked hard to be a role model of virtue and womanliness and loveliness. Mum, God bless her.  This is the mum at the end of the book of Proverbs. The woman of virtue … Continue reading Mothers Mash-Up Mayhem