A short man with a big issue

What do the following men all have in common? Napoleon Boneparte, Captain Mainwaring from Dad’s Army, Charlie Chaplin, Attila the Hun & Ghandi. Maybe this joke will help if you haven’t got it … Short people: We maintain a positive attitude on life because we’re always looking up. Yep. You guessed it. They’re all short. Very short. Folk say that sometimes short men have an attitude problem. It’s as though they have something to prove. I wonder if that’s what was with Zaccheus. You can read his story in Luke 19. He was, as the old Sunday School song puts … Continue reading A short man with a big issue

Mary, Mary, quite contrary?

For too many centuries, history has been written by men. The voice of women has not been heard. So it’s great to celebrate the first votes for women this week. It is a joy and a delight that we live in an age where true equality it within our grasp, even if not quite totally here yet. The voices of women really do need to be heard. One of the extraordinary things about the Bible is how Jesus treated women. We don’t know a great deal about many of the women in the New Testament, but what we do know … Continue reading Mary, Mary, quite contrary?

What keeps you going?

It looks like it’s gonna take a bit more to keep the old boy going from now on. 85 pills a week to be exact. Pills to stop my blood sticking together, pills to keep down cholesterol, pills to slow my heart down, pills to stop my joints getting inflamed, pills to counteract my allergies to pollen and animal hair. All this plus my constant injections every three minutes, round the clock, to keep the sugar level in my blood in balance. It’s a bit crazy really.  On top of this, the doctors have zapped my eyes with lasers so … Continue reading What keeps you going?

Are you feeling lucky?

Isn’t luck a funny idea? I was sitting chatting with this woman this afternoon whose dad was in the heart ward. He’s wired up to all the techno-wizardry a modern hospital has to offer. Pumped full of all the right drugs. With sone amazingly skillful doctors and nurses on call. Yet as we sat talking she says, ‘Any way. Touch wood he’ll be all right’. And she proceeds to tap on the table. Someone else listening in to this chat points out that the table was made of chipboard, so she knocks her head as backup.  It just causes me … Continue reading Are you feeling lucky?

Busy doing nothing

What does it teach me to be doing nothing? Since I’ve been laid aside it’s caused me to really think through what life is about. I’m going slightly insane sat at home, inactive.  Our society has embedded the ideas of the Protestant Work Ethic so completely in the culture. Our value as human beings is shown in what we do. Think that’s not quite right? Well let’s look at the words we use for those who are not active in producing stuff. Dis-abled. Invalid.  We in the church preach that God values us as we are, not for what we … Continue reading Busy doing nothing