A tale of two journeys

Attempting to practice restfulness, I had a beautiful walk alongside the Royal Military Canal in Hythe yesterday. It’s a short drive from Folkestone and a lovely town in its own right. I could smell the flowers, listen to the birds, feel the warmth of the sun on my face. A thirty minutes gentle stroll.  One of my politically minded friends (who shall remain nameless) has suggested to me that we can solve the housing issues in Hythe by getting rid of the canal. Can you imagine the outraged furore that would ensue? I chuckle at the mischief it would cause … Continue reading A tale of two journeys

Why is this so wrong?

It’s like chalk & cheese, Anarchy & butterflies, …… Why does the idea of chocolate Hot Cross Buns just seem so wrong? This recipe from the BBC Good Food Website just seems to be missing the whole point.  Traditionally, Lent, the 40 period before Easter, begins with getting rid of all the rich foods in the house (like chocolate) in order to focus one’s mind on the suffering of Jesus leading up to the cross. In Anglican churches, they don’t have flowers in church. This all culminated in Good Friday, the day which is good because it is then we … Continue reading Why is this so wrong?