How long? Must I wait forever? 

I’ve been out on a gentle stroll today, and no signs of angina yet. I love the spring flowers and take great delight in forget-me-nots especially. They are beautiful and delicate and lift my mood.  The flower forget-me-not is named “Vergissmeinnicht” in German and “Незабудка” in Russian. The meaning is the same in all three languages.  Wikipedia offers two sources for the naming of the flower. In a German legend, God named all the plants when a tiny unnamed one cried out, “Forget-me-not, O Lord!” God replied, “That shall be your name.” In English, the flower has had its name … Continue reading How long? Must I wait forever? 

To boldly go…

One of the upsides of being off sick is that I’ve watched a bit of Star Trek. In fact I have viewed all 695 episodes of the Original Series, Next Generation, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise. I’ve just finished this Easter weekend. All I haven’t seen are the films, as they’re not on Netflix.  I love the Star Trek ethos, the universe and philosophy developed by the makers. There are many sci-fi dystopian visions of the future.  Over population (as in Logan’s Run or Soylent Green) or aliens out to eat you (as in the Alien films) or technology gone wrong … Continue reading To boldly go…

Holy Hospital Week: Freedom

Free at last! I have just been discharged from hospital after my final procedure yesterday afternoon.  Before I went down for surgery they placed a cross on each foot. Apparently it’s so that the doctors can take my pulse quickly in the middle of the surgery, should my heart do something unexpected.  But I’m lying in my hospital bed thinking about the Cross of Christ and all it means. And then they come and put two crosses on my feet. We often consider the stigmata to be a physical sensation of pain in the hands and feet, a spiritual/emotional response … Continue reading Holy Hospital Week: Freedom

 Holy Hospital Week: Darkness

The hospital at night is a quiet place. Gone are the doctors making decisions and sending folk off for tests. The ward managers are not writing letters and making calls. All the heart patients are resting.  Many guys go to sleep early. Some folk are agitating to turn the lights off at 9pm. Thankfully the last drugs round isn’t til 10 so for us night owls we are not forced to go to bed in the middle of the evening. Personally, I usually turn the lights off around midnight and really struggle if I try to sleep before 11pm.  The … Continue reading  Holy Hospital Week: Darkness

Holy Hospital Week: Feasting

Having been in hospital for 14 of the last 21 days, I think I know the menu quite well. The breakfast is basic but filling with plenty of Weetabix to go around. The lunch is really quite good: with options from a Roast Chicken Dinner to an All Day Breakfast. Yesterday’s featured this tasty and aromatic Sweet & Sour Chicken. It’s really quite tasty. Supper though is a bit dire. Rather evil-tasting sandwiches and not enough to go round.  That’s why we have elicit food supplies. Some are healthy, others a bit dodgy, a few downright dangerous. I’m blessed with … Continue reading Holy Hospital Week: Feasting

Holy Hospital Week: Denial

I have a bed by the window, with a third floor view. It is quite literally a birds eye view. Just outside the window a wood pigeon is nesting. It’s a toss up whether I’m still in here when her chicks are hatched. Maybe it will be on Easter Day? Watch this space… Does my hope that I see her offspring mean I’m getting institutionalised?  It’s the highlight of my day to see this bird outside enjoying the sun, doing what comes naturally.  Jesus’ thoughts about the birds of the air come to mind, that our Heavenly Father looks after … Continue reading Holy Hospital Week: Denial

Holy Hospital Week: Praise

I’m missing the usual prayers and rythmn of Holy Week, the lead up to Easter. So I thought I’d share reflections from around the hospital ward that chime with Holy Week themes. Today my theme is Praise.  The photo of the Cambridge K ward ‘Appreciation Board’ … the thankyous that are given to the staff for all their care. Cards & gifts galore come in. Actually, Katy brought in a box of chocolates for the nurses yesterday. I know, you usually give them chocolates to say thank you on the last day, when you leave. These aren’t a bribe to … Continue reading Holy Hospital Week: Praise

Getting the words right 

The grammar vigilante is on the streets of Bristol. According to BBC News this guy has been going out at night, correcting street signs, for 13 years. He denies it’s a crime. He says, “It’s more of a crime to have the apostrophes wrong in the first place.” I believe there’s a programme on BBC Radio 4 at 8pm tonight called ‘The Apostrophiser’.   He’s a man with a mission, grammar’s version of Banksy.  I love this Banksy interpretation of the famous Lynne Truss illustration. “A panda walks into a cafe. He orders a sandwich, eats it, then draws a gun … Continue reading Getting the words right