Hope and Despair

I used to love the seesaw as a kid. Then, as now, I was a large lad and threw myself into it with gusto. Launching off I would sail into the air, gripping on for dear life as my bum left the seesaw half way through the air. On the other end of the seesaw one of my brothers would then launch themselves just as enthusiastically and I would come down to earth with a very firm and painful landing. Again, I’d be gripping hold for dear life as the pain shot up through my posterior and half way up … Continue reading Hope and Despair

A short man with a big issue

What do the following men all have in common? Napoleon Boneparte, Captain Mainwaring from Dad’s Army, Charlie Chaplin, Attila the Hun & Ghandi. Maybe this joke will help if you haven’t got it … Short people: We maintain a positive attitude on life because we’re always looking up. Yep. You guessed it. They’re all short. Very short. Folk say that sometimes short men have an attitude problem. It’s as though they have something to prove. I wonder if that’s what was with Zaccheus. You can read his story in Luke 19. He was, as the old Sunday School song puts … Continue reading A short man with a big issue

Mums love Prosecco?

I’ve just seen this advert for Mothering Sunday, or Mother’s Day as it seems to be becoming, in homage to our American cousins. Anyway, this advert was letting us all know that the perfect gift for mum on the big day is no longer flowers or chocolates, but a nice bottle of Prosecco. Apparently it’s what all the moms want these days: to get drunk and pass out on Sunday afternoon. The idea of ladies who like a tipple is not new. The prophet Amos saw it in the town of Bashan. He wasn’t too complimentary about these ladies who … Continue reading Mums love Prosecco?