The God shaped hole

Before yesterday, the only thing I knew about Blaise Pascal was that he said each person has a God-shaped hole in our hearts. He meant that we are designed for worship, for a relationship with God. The other thing he said was that, if you like a gamble, it’s a fair bet to believe in God. If you follow him & you’re wrong you die like everyone else.  If you don’t follow him & Christian faith is all true, you miss out on eternal life. 

I feel a lot of affinity with Pascal. He got sick and died young. Not that I’m planning to check out just yet, but it’s been an interesting few months… He had a life transforming vision of the glory of God that completely changed the direction of his life. He decided to give up the excitements of life and join a community where he could spend more time thinking about God. 

And I guess this is the whole point of those whose longing for God is about a reordering of our thinking. All of them: Augustine, Bernard, Origen, Pascal, see that we need to not just run after the latest God. We need to think more on God with our minds rather than run after the latest experience. And God himself will come and transform our hearts. He will fill that space in our hearts when we make room, make time, for him. 

A prayer:

Lord Jesus Christ, as I launch into the busyness of this day, give me time and space to seek you. Rather than running after the latest experience, striving after a life with more money or success or power, may I seek you first and last, You the Alpha & Omega, my beginning and my end.