Why is this so wrong?

It’s like chalk & cheese, Anarchy & butterflies, …… Why does the idea of chocolate Hot Cross Buns just seem so wrong? This recipe from the BBC Good Food Website just seems to be missing the whole point. 

Traditionally, Lent, the 40 period before Easter, begins with getting rid of all the rich foods in the house (like chocolate) in order to focus one’s mind on the suffering of Jesus leading up to the cross. In Anglican churches, they don’t have flowers in church. This all culminated in Good Friday, the day which is good because it is then we mark the truth that Jesus died for our sins. It is good because by his stripes we are healed. Each Good Friday we eat Hot Cross Buns as a reminder … with the cross on the top of the bun. 

So to mix chocolate with a Hot Cross Bun seems to be missing the whole point of the tradition. It’s a bit like an Easter Egg hunt where the Easter Bunny is the main character. Eggs were always a sign of new life, a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus. 

This may be grumpy old man time, a desire for purity in our symbols, so they don’t get confused or diluted. It may also be a certain chagrin that my new stricter diet is a chocolate free zone. As a mixture of fat & sugar, it’s poison to a diabetic with heart disease!

I really don’t want this to be a ‘bah humbug’ post. So if folk have missed the point of Lent, Good Friday and Easter, what’s to be done about it? How to stop our nation sliding into greater and greater ignorance of our Christian heritage?

The only way is to take the message of the Good News in Christ out to folk with renewed vigour and passion. I spoke to a man today who decided to start following Jesus. For the first time he saw that Jesus died for his sin. He met the Lord in his heart and found relief for his troubles, a reconnection with God. 

This is what Easter is really all about, so maybe I shouldn’t get to get up about Double Choc Hot Cross Buns.