Changing Seasons

Today I went out for a brisk ten minute walk. First day of the new exercise regime. I noticed blossom everywhere. Having been confined to barracks for three weeks it was quite a surprise to see so many trees and bushes in bloom. When I was taken ill it was still very much late Winter and it is now early Spring. 
It’s kinda caught me by surprise. While I wasn’t looking, preoccupied elsewhere, things have changed in nature. And it’s got me thinking about what else takes me by surprise. 

Katy and I have been married now for 23 years. And without really thinking about it or planning it, the nature of that relationship has altered. Gone is the nervousness of the newlyweds who were anxious around each other, never quite sure of our own standing. Now there is a comfort in the relationship, a mutual togetherness, a oneness such that neither of us could imagine being apart. You could say the season has changed. 

Our little girl with pigtails and purple Barbie glasses is now a confident, sassy 17 year old musician. That’s who she is. Not quite sure how it happened but it is her identity. We didn’t plan it. We just looked up and one day – pow – there it is. She’ll be leaving home in a year or two and the season will have changed. 

The Byrds released their No 1 single : Turn! Turn! Turn! in 1965. It famously stated that there’s a season for everything…

A time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build, a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance…

These words are straight out of the Bible, from Ecclesiastes 3. Sometimes this book is seen as a bit depressive, a bit fatalistic. It says to just do your work, neither busting a gut nor being lazy, and to enjoy the seasons of life as you pass them by. You can’t change them, just live them. 

Personally, I find this reassuring rather than fatalistic. ‘The times, they are a changin’ as Bob Dylan sung (covered by The Byrds). And I’m sure that’s true for all of us. The reality of life is constant change, for good or ill. 

So maybe it’s worth your while to look up from your walk of life and just see how the seasons might be changing. To give thanks to God for the good things and ask help for the bad things, with the reassurance that if things are a bit rubbish at the moment, a new season is surely just around the corner…