Busy doing nothing

What does it teach me to be doing nothing?
Since I’ve been laid aside it’s caused me to really think through what life is about. I’m going slightly insane sat at home, inactive. 

Our society has embedded the ideas of the Protestant Work Ethic so completely in the culture. Our value as human beings is shown in what we do. Think that’s not quite right? Well let’s look at the words we use for those who are not active in producing stuff. Dis-abled. Invalid. 

We in the church preach that God values us as we are, not for what we do. But then we act differently. As we try to organise churches we value the people who serve in preaching, or making the tea, or teaching in Sunday School. What of those who go deep in prayer but don’t have a church job? Or who serve Jesus in hospitals or factories or shops – but don’t have time to serve in the church? 

I’ve a growing appreciation for the Methodist Covenant Prayer.

‘I am no longer my own but yours… let me be employed for you, or laid aside for you…”

It’s saying to God that our importance is in our relationship with him, not in what we do. I’d love to say that that was fully true for me. That I’m as content to be sitting still as I would be with doing stuff. But that would be a lie. Maybe God is helping me to slow down a bit during this time. Nothing is wasted. 

Maybe these are my lessons in being laid aside. 
To trust my health to God. To allow others to do to me and give to me. To grow in closeness to the Lord.  
It may be that the time I have left on this earth will be different. A God moment and a change of perspective.